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Designers - alexander wang da jun

  • University of London - Doctorate (Medicine)
  • 20 Years Experience
  • Set up and decoration for Royal Family in England and China Embassy
  • Specialises in fusion of Eastern-Western, Classical-Modern ornaments
  • Artistic Consultant, Yang Ming Design

Highly meticulous and possessing a great love for beauty, Dr Alexander Wang is a man of the Sciences and Arts combined. He can be described as practical and yet highly imaginative.

Since young, he has always looked to create warmth and comfort within living spaces, creating endless blueprints within his imagination.

Due to his overseas studies in England, Alexander enjoyed the opportunity to immerse in places where the most famous art forms were aplenty - the rich culture and heritage in London, the simple and yet solemn setting of Oxford, the peaceful and carefree environment of Cambridge. These have all helped to bring out the artistic side in him.

He "started his trade" initially by helping his friends, providing advice on design matters. Within 8 years, his portfolio of works included interior decoration and furnishings for the England Royal Family and China Embassy.

Alexander combines the East with the West. He is able to, as so aptly used - produce the icing on the cake, by effortlessly placing the finishing touches to interior design works with his decorative ornaments, and as a result, draw out the beauty and nature within the interior spaces.

His hobby of collecting art pieces, antiques and historical relics, coupled with interests in fine arts, allows him to steer away from the stale, conventional designs and be different from other designers, bringing out his own style.

“ beautifying a space which allows the user great ease and freedom
... that is the best design ”

- Alexander Wang -

Because Alexander believes that living spaces should be flexible, free and fluid, serving the needs of the user, he always takes great consideration into the delicate arrangements, interactions and functions within the spaces, transforming his works into a "dream-come-true" for his clients.